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Talent Mapping Solutions.

Talent Mapping is a vital process for businesses seeking to understand and interpret the spread of potential talent and is an important tool to help shape your recruitment strategy. Companies that take a more proactive approach to talent acquisition tend to lead the way and, in a hugely competitive landscape, talent mapping can put you one step ahead.

Our talent mapping solutions enable you to understand where potential talent is employed and located by providing a comprehensive analysis of how their organisational capabilities compare to others in the sector as well as broader markets and is used by many of our clients for medium- and long-term talent acquisition plans. We provide a comprehensive view of the talent landscape, helping to identify the most appropriate candidates in the market for future growth.

HW Global
HW Global

Our talent mapping process.

Talent mapping can be as broad or as targeted as you need, depending on your business objectives, and can range from an initial information gathering exercise, full analysis of a chosen sector, job family or role to building an engaged talent pool on your behalf.

Key benefits include:

HW Global

Succession planning


Reduction of time to hire


Support for Diversity & Inclusion strategies


Garnering market intelligence


Access to untapped talent pools


Competitor organisation insight


Pay and benefits insight


Promoting employer brand perception

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Client testimonials

"The HW team are a pleasure to work with: well informed, well connected and professional. I felt there was a personal approach to the search process and I was well supported for all conversations and interviews with my future employer. I wouldn't hesitate working with HW again and am very grateful for the service I received."

Sarah Ashby
Senior Director - Finance, Asda

"Recently when searching for my next senior role, I had the pleasure of working with HW. From the start of the process they were incredibly professional, ensuring that I was right for the role and the role was right for me. They kept in close touch throughout the process and were always on hand to answer questions or just to chat around where we were at any stage. This was my first interaction with HW and it won't be the last given their professionalism, attention to detail and commitment to both myself and my new employer. They were also incredibly down to earth. A great job well done!"

Ian Bryson
Managing Director, Lincoln & York

HW is not just an expert search partner, they are true business partner, bringing market insights and ongoing support following the placement. I have appreciated their trust, agility, and ability to connect to our culture to get the best fit for our organization.

Cheryl DeSantis
Chief People & Diversity Officer, Smile Direct Club

I have worked with HW not only because of their people, search methodology and reach but the two areas where I think they are really different. Firstly, they truly listen. They take the time to understand your business strategy and people requirements and then they forensically select against these. Secondly, they take this strategic understanding and use this to really sell your business, giving access to exceptional candidates. They are thorough, supportive, flexible and overall great value and fun to work with. I would highly recommend and still use them today!

Stuart Price
Chief People Officer, Zenith

We have been proud partners with HW for many years, a mutual relationship based on great delivery and deep trust.

David Haines
Global Talent Director, Mars Inc.