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The Future of Recruiting AI Talent

20th Apr 2023

AI, also known as Artificial Intelligence, refers to the ability held by machines to complete certain processes and tasks which might formerly have fallen into the hands of an employee as part of a more manual task. For workplaces, AI presents an opportunity to streamline some tasks within specific projects – namely with regards to data and those systems that could benefit from being automated. 

A report published by Gartner found that 80% of CFO’s will be looking to increase their spend and prioritise AI over the next two years. One area which is often overlooked is the need for exceptional talent to navigate the complexity of the ever-changing AI sphere, harnessing its power and ensuring any AI investment delivers value to the company.


While AI is regarded as the future of business automation, especially across financial operations, there is a very real need for companies to attract and recruit the right AI talent to join them on the journey. And for that to happen, companies need to focus on three main actions: Identifying and understanding the importance of AI talent, creating a working model that integrates AI seamlessly and developing career paths and progression opportunities that appeal to AI talent.

The importance of AI talent

The first step towards recruiting high level AI talent is to recognise why it is important and how it contributes towards your business operations moving forward. The Gartner report mentioned earlier demonstrates the value of AI within the financial operations field in particular, with CFO’s and their teams aware of the benefit that data analytics can have on their systems. But for AI to truly become a working part of your business, its value needs to be fed down to your employees so that they understand what it is, how it works, and how it impacts their role.

Creating a working model that integrates AI

Nobody wants to join a team or a business where their skills are underutilised. In order to recruit the very best AI talent, companies need to establish a working model where AI is integrated in the foundations of the business – ensuring that each team understands and recognises the value of both the AI system and the talent behind it.

Develop a career progression program for AI talent

This is a goal that should be part of all your recruitment activity and succession planning, with candidates always seeking roles and opportunities where they have the chance to progress their career, access training, and develop their professional development.

For AI talent, training and progression opportunities which connect data and AI analysis with growing areas of the business will be of particular interest in the coming years – as AI becomes ingrained in more of the business operational model and technical systems. As such, one of the best ways to attract the top AI talent is to bridge the gap between data and AI-operational roles and leadership opportunities, valuing candidates who offer skills in both areas.

With AI on the rise in the business world, recruiting key talent should be a part of your 2023 strategy. Let HW People help you to identify and attract the top AI talent, with a systematic approach to recruitment, onboarding, and career development.

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